Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Use the chart below to find the best inflatable kayak reviews and to find what inflatable kayak is best suited for your needs.  The top chart has two seat inflatables, and the bottom has one seated inflatables.  The top of the charts have the highest price ones, while the bottom of the charts have the cheapest.  Good luck with your inflatable kayak search, and please feel free leave any comments if you have any questions or input to add.

Inflatable Kayak Reviews Table

Inflatable Kayaks
Estimated Price (The review page will have the current price)
Solstice Flash 2-Person KayakSolstice Flash 2-Person Kayak$700Read Review
Advanced Elements Advancedframe Convertible KayakAdvanced Elements Advancedframe Convertible Kayak$700Read Review
sea eagle 370sea eagle 370$400Read Review
Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable KayakSea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak$250Read Review
Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak, 2-PersonSevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak, 2-Person$160Read Review

Inflatable Kayak Reviews- one person

Inflatable Kayaks
Estimated Price
Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame KayakAdvanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak$500Read Review
Sevylor QuikPak K5 Inflatable KayakSevylor QuikPak K5 Inflatable Kayak$250Read Review

When looking at inflatable kayak reviews, make sure you compare them here.  I’m about to go on a rant explaining why I believe that buying an inflatable kayak is better than buying a standard kayak.  If you already know that you are interested in inflatable kayaks, then click here to read the inflatable kayak reviews.

When considering any purchase, you obviously need to consider the costs involved.  This is especially true when you are looking at inflatable kayak reviews as well as reviews for other kayaks.  When you compare the prices of the best inflatable kayaks against the prices of standard kayaks, you will notice that an inflatable kayak is cheaper than your standard hard kayak.  However, you are missing out on the whole picture when you look at just the sales price.

Inflatable Kayak Other advantages:

Not only is an inflatable kayak cheaper, but is will also have less costs.  For example, if you buy a regular standard kayak, you will either need to buy a trailer or kayak attachments for the top of your car.  Also, regular kayaks often tend to need more maintenance work on them over time as they do not handle wear and tear as well.

Inflatable kayak reviewsWhile doing your research of kayaks for sale, you have probably realized by now, that not only will investing in an inflatable kayak be cheaper, but also more convenient.  Think about it for a second.  If you have an inflatable blow up kayak, all you have to do is deflate it when you are ready to transport it.  Messing with a trailer and kayak racks is costly and time consuming.  Also, you need to keep in mind where you are going to store your kayak.  Leaving kayaks out in the yard can be a huge eye sore, and some neighborhood associations even have rules against leaving huge objects like kayaks out and visible.  With a blow up kayak, all you have to do is find some shelf space.

In the back of your mind, you hear the words blow up and inflatable to describe the kayaks and this may not sit well with you.  These words may lead you to think that an inflatable kayak is simply not strong and durable enough to last.  You may be worried that punctures will occur.  I can tell you that this is not something to worry about at all.  While reading the inflatable kayak reviews, take note of the materials that the inflatable kayaks are all made with.  Many of the best inflatable kayak reviews will tell you that the inflatable kayak was made to be used in white water rapids.  When looking at the inflatable kayak reviews, look for kayaks made with strong material such as polykrylar.

An inflatable kayak is actually safer than a standard kayak.  It is much easier to sink a normal standard kayak.  When looking at inflatable kayak reviews of people that use inflatable kayaks, you will have a hard time finding any where they sunk the kayak.  An inflatable kayak has less of a chance of sinking even if lots of water gets in it since it is filled with air.  The air leads to better buoyancy.

Vacationing with an Inflatable Kayak:

When you go on vacation, there is a good chance that you are going somewhere near a body of water.  Lots of times these bodies of water are perfect for kayaking.  So, when traveling, do you think it would be easier to take an inflatable kayak or a standard kayak with you?  Unless, you don’t mind dragging a kayak around an airport, I think the answer is pretty easy.  Just deflate your inflatable kayak and pack it away easily.  On trips you will regret not bringing your kayak when you see the prices that it is to rent one.  Not only is renting expensive, but it is also places a restriction on your time.  If you rent a kayak, then you can only get it at a certain time, and you have to return it by a certain time.  This may not be seem like a huge deal, but, in my opinion, the best times to kayak is when the sun is coming up and when the sun is going down.  Nothing beats how pretty it can be.  Good luck finding a place that will rent you a kayak during these hours as many just operate during normal business operating hours.


The performance of an inflatable kayak is just as good as a standard kayak as long as you buy one of the best inflatable kayaks.  A high quality inflatable kayak will have high air pressure and some will even have rigid pieces.  These rigid pieces are not necessary for the inflatable kayaks to be of high quality, though.  Keep in my however, that a cheap inflatable kayak that is around 100 dollars will not be that great.  These are tough to perform in.  I would only recommend these if you are looking to see if kayaking is something that you would be interested in.  If it turns out that it is, then you can read more inflatable kayak reviews to find a higher quality one.

Now, use the chart above to find the best inflatable kayak reviews so you can get a better understanding of what kind of inflatable kayak is best for you.