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To get started, you may be wondering why I chose to add inflatable in front of the kayak. This is because when traveling the world to kayak, it is best to invest in an inflatable kayak instead of a standard one. Why? Well, have fun trying to get your big bulky kayak onto a plane. If you decide you will just rent ones when you get there, be ready to throw money away considering how expensive it can be. Not only is it expensive, but you lose your freedom when you rent your kayaks. You have to return it by a certain time and that is always annoying. So, just buy an inflatable kayak so you can easily fold it up and take it anywhere and use it whenever you want. Nothing beats seeing the sun come up or go down while you are on the water. Chances are you will miss both of these as kayak renters often are not open yet or are closing during these prime hours.

You might be thinking that inflatable kayaks may not be able to withstand the beating that you plan on putting them, through. However, this is not something to worry about as many of the best inflatable kayaks are made of material that are puncture resistant.

Anyways, sorry about that rant, but it just annoys me to see people waste money renting kayaks when they could easily just buy one and take it with them. Now, onto why you came here in the first place, here are some of the coolest places to use your inflatable kayak around the world:

Dead Tree Valley in Chili

This is by far one of the places that any serious kayaker needs to consider going. The name says exactly what is there. It is so unique. These trees were killed by an earthquake followed by a tsunami which wiped out the trees and only left some of them standing. This guy could be you: Dead tree valley kayaking

West Coast of Scotland

The West Coast of Scotland is great because it has so many islands and sea lochs scattered around. The sea lochs will allow you explore and discover so many interesting areas. While traveling you will be able to find remote beaches that make for great places to stop and hang out. Have a look at what you could be enjoying:

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

The reason I am adding this one to the list is because of how great it can be for fishing. The tunnel connects the eastern shore of Maryland with Virginia. This tunnel acts as a man made reef system which attracts many species of fish. Taking your kayak out to this spot will almost guarantee that you will catch some quality fish.


Yes, this may seem a little absurd when you first think about it, but kayaking in a place like this would be a life changing experience. The views that you would see while kayaking would be like nothing that you could have even imagined.
kayaks in Antartica






Mekong River

This river in Southeast Asian is encompassed by remote forest, streams, and beautiful wetlands. While kayaking here, keep your eye out for dolphins that like to play around kayakers. I recommend going when the forest is flooded so you can explore even more places with your inflatable kayak.
If you have ever been to any of these places or recommend others, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. In my opinion, viewing the world through a kayak is one of the best ways to do it.

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