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Paddling jackets are the most common kayak clothing.  They are not only important for people kayaking in colder conditions that do not want the cold water spraying all over them, but also people in warmer places that want to block the sun and stop the wind.
Paddling Jackets can also keep your body dry if you fall into the water. Seals around the neck, wrists, and waists protect your body from water.

Features to look for when buying a paddling jacket are as followed:
- Make sure that they allow you to move around freely.
- Make sure they seal up well so water can’t get inside the jacket.
- Make sure that it is made of a high quality water proof material.

Kayak Clothing Top Paddling Jackets:

The Stohlquist Splashdown Sea Touring Paddling Jacket has all of the features that any kayaker needs. It is built to move freely and comfortably. It is also designed to make sure that heat doesn’t get trapped inside to make it too steamy.

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The collar around the neck helps keep water out as well as the adjustable cuffs on the wrists and the bungee like material that is around the waist.

The jacket is made of waterproof nylon so you don’t have to worry about water going through the jacket.
Overall, this jacket is decent and very versatile and can be used in essentially any paddling situation. It will do what a normal jacket can’t by keeping you dry and comfortable.



Another option is the Stohlquist Torrent Jacket-Long Sleeve Paddling Jacket. I believe that it is a bit of an upgrade over the “Stohlquist Splashdown Sea Touring Paddling Jacket” as the straps seem to do a much better job of tightening the seal.

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Other than the better tightened seals, the features of this jacket are very similar to the one mentioned above. The tightened seal can make a huge difference, though, so if I were to recommend one of these over the other, I would have to go with this one. This is a top of line jacket for a reasonable price. When searching other sites, you may seem some in the 200-400 dollar range. These are simply not necessary as this jacket will get the job done at half the price.

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