Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak Review

This perfect kayak for adventure is designed for two water-lovers to have fun together.  It is fully inflatable and is perfectly suited for white water rafting or flat water cruising.  It comes with its own pump and gauge so you can take it anywhere.  Unzip the carrying bag, inflate your Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak and start making adventurous memories in safety and comfort.

Sit your excited behind down in one of the two nylon covered bucket seats that are adjustable to help you feel secure on your expedition.   Really get a grip on your trip with the multi-position foot rests in the bottom of the kayak while enjoying the benefits of a fully detachable skeg for paddling.  You will no longer have to worry about jamming yourself into an uncomfortable kayak during a tumultuous trip.  The Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak will make everyone feel more secure on the journey.

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Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak Review: Comfort Meets Safety

When you are on the water, you know the dangers such as the kayak being punctured or becoming filled with too much water.  With the Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak, you get to enjoy a peace of mind thanks to the 1000 denier nylon cover on the kayak.  This helps prevent damage to sharp rocks, glass, and other sharp objects.  The kayak also has a high pressure floor

In addition, the Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak is equipped with screw-type drain valves in the event that you take on water during your voyage.  These deluxe H3 valves are completely replaceable.

 Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak Review: Extra Features

When it is time to go, you need to be able to pack and carry your kayak with you without a lot of hassle.  That’s why the makers of the Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak provide elastic cords for cargo.  Strap the kayak onto the top of your hauler and head to the water!  When you reach your destination, grip the soft handles on the bow cover and start your trip out without any incident.  Remain safe and comfortable during your kayaking trip from beginning to end when you use the Solstice Flash 2-Person Kayak for your next adventure.



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